About Us

How often have you felt the need for a hospital which is reliable and offers comprehensive range of services to take care of your children’s day to day health care needs?

Well, you now have in your neighborhood.

The Vatsalya Children Hospital not only addresses these needs, but also means atmost reliability you tend to associate with the Vatsalya name and offers great value of money. The field of pediatrics is rapidly advancing and newer innovations and technologies are being incorporated every day into the delivery of child care in India.

Like adults, sick children also need multidisciplinary management with collaboration of a team of specialists including medical, surgical, nursing and other important ancillary services. With this dream of providing a comprehensive pediatric care under one roof, we dedicate Vatsalya Children Hospital to all needy children. This state of the art hospital offers all ultramodern facilities to cater to any health problem for children below the age of 18 years.

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