How To Take Care Of Your Baby During The First Fever?

Little children frequently experience fever. They frequently occur in childhood and are typically benign. Usually, they leave on their own. The body uses fever as a defense mechanism by raising the body’s temperature. It can be brought on by viruses or bacteria, such as in the case of strep throat. Fever in a baby is common and unavoidable; as such, there is no reason to be concerned. Just knowing when to see a doctor and when to take care of a child on one’s own is all that is required.

Only on a doctor’s advice can babies be given antipyretic medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Your child’s fever might be reduced with the use of a sponge bath in warm water.

Dress your child simply. Instead of a blanket, drape a sheet over them in bed.

Regularly nurse your child or give him/her formula. Think about giving your infant a Pedialyte-type oral rehydration beverage. After your child has been weaned, encourage them to drink more water. Avoid soda and caffeine-containing drinks because they can dehydrate you.

If your infant is 12 weeks old or younger and has a temperature of more than 100 degrees Celsius, call your doctor immediately. Any child, regardless of age, should contact your doctor right away if any of the following conditions exist or if their temperature exceeds 104 degrees:

  • Rash
  •  Severe headache
  •  Stiff neck
  •  Ear pain
  •  Repeated vomiting or diarrhea
  •  Severe sore throat
  •  A seizure

If your child’s temperature has gone down but they are still acting sick or seems to be getting worse, you should also phone your doctor.

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